Episode 6 w/SonOfATech

Hello Internet!  Welcome back to another episode of the Geekin Dad Podcast.  Today I talk with Matthew Hopkins, more commonly known on the Internet as either Blindrun Gaming (his former online gaming self) or now Son of a Tech, where he reviews every graphics card there is available, comparing all of them and the nuances between them all.

In this episode we talk about how he got as fit as he has, some of the crunchy ways in which he parents, and what he and his older daughter like to watch when they hang out together.  We talk about his YouTube channel and the change from gaming to hardware too, and we also go into the two words he lives life by that have served him well for the past 4 years.

Thank you very much for listening, and please find me on the Internet and leave me a comment.  You can find me on Twitter @geekindad and you can find Matthew on Twitter @sonofatech.  Subscribe to his YouTube channel for all of the Graphics Card reviews you would ever need, and let him know I sent you by.  

Please leave a review, as those are the best way for me to know how I'm doing, and also they help to spread the word if you feel like this podcast is worth your time.  As always, music used with permission of Logan at Tek Syndicate under Creative Commons license, get the album here.

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