Episode 7 w/Pretty Ph3nom

Welcome back!  Today's episode of the Geekin Dad Podcast is awesome because I interview our first Geekin Mom.  Eli, or Ph3nom as most on the Internet know her, is an awesome wife, mother and streamer who's up and coming.  As a mom she talks about balancing all three roles:  Mom, Wife and Online Personality.  

One of the things that you will notice about Ph3nom when you follow her for 5 minutes online you will see quickly just how kind, genuine and grateful she is.  In the conversation we learn where that comes from.  I also learn that she's tried to school in ways that are counter cultural, as well as how she and her ex-husband and now husband all work together to raise their kids, because at the end of the day it takes a village to raise them.  

I implore you to listen, even though there are moments in this episode where I was very rough around the edges, and you'll find some great insights on how this mom takes care of it all.

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