Episode 9 w/Destin Sandlin of Smarter Every Day

Welcome back to the Geekin Dad Podcast!  In today's episode of the show, I have one of the coolest, smartest guys I watch on the Internet with me, Destin Sandlin of Smarter Every Day on YouTube.  Destin happened to be in the Greater Houston Area at the time of recording, and he and I were able to connect in person.  Sitting at a table, having some coffee and talking fatherhood, Smarter Every Day and the balance of it all was awesome, and to hear so much wisdom seeping out of him was great, too.  Destin has a massively popular YouTube channel with over 4 Million subscribers, a super cool career with the Army as a civilian, and is an aspiring NASA Astronaut.  Most importantly, he's a father of four.  This episode is great, and was a joy for me and a growing experience for me on so many levels, and I cannot thank him enough for it.  Listen and enjoy!

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