Vizio P502ui 50" 4K UHD TV | Overview and First Impressions

So, let's go back to Memorial Day weekend.  It was rainy, flooding, and we were over at my in-laws house for lunch.  We arrived around lunch time, and as we were walking in the door and getting settled in, my father-in-law, Dan, was looking at a TV on his phone.  Now, him looking at something to buy wasn't anything new, he loves to shop.  So, he hands the phone over to my wife, Jessica, and asks her what she thinks about this new TV he found on Groupon.  He said there is a really good deal on it and he was thinking about getting it.  

She takes a look at it.  "Oh wow, that's a nice TV and an even nicer price!"

"Let me take a look at it," I tell Jessica.  I take a look at it and sure enough it is a nice TV for a nice price.  A refurbished Vizio 50" 4K TV is what is being shown to me on the screen and the price is about $550 I think, when it normally goes for around $1000.  "Very nice TV and definately a nice price.  Where are you thinking about putting it? I ask as I hand him his phone back.  Dan looks and me, then looks at Jessica, and said "I'm thinking about getting it for you."

Needless to say we were slightly excited about the idea of getting a new TV, and me even more so at the prospect of getting a 4K TV.  You see, the TV we had was Jessica's TV from our college years, and was tiny in our good sized living room.  Apparently he got tired of not being able to see a thing on the TV so he wanted to get us something that not only we would enjoy but that he would enjoy as well when he is over at our house.  

So, he orders the TV, and a few weeks later, we finally get a chance to set it up at home.  And, with that said, enjoy the unboxing/setup/first impressions video.

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Thanks for reading and watching, and until next time...

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