HTC Vive announcement and SteamVR Readiness Tool

HTC has announce both the Price and the Pre-Order date of the HTC Vive, being available on 2/29/16 for $799.  Shipping will be early April.  The price comes at a shock to some, and not to others, and is something that has turned out to be a larger point of contest than I thought it might be.  You can find a write up I did over on The Geeks World Wide.

Not long after said announcement, Valve launched their SteamVR Readiness Tool that will allow you to benchmark your current computer to tell you what kind of VR Gaming Experience you can expect, or if you'll be able to at all.  Now, this is specific to the HTC Vive, however you could easily run this if you were planning on getting an Oculus Rift and get an idea of what you can expect too.

I go into more detail in the video below, even showing what kind of VR Experience I would get on my computer.