Roku 4 | My Review

So you've had time to go over my unboxing of the Roku 4, and if you follow me on YouTube you would know the video has been out for a while, but it's about time we get it put up here too.  

I've had the Roku 4 up and running for some time now, over a month, and have truly fallen in love with this streaming set-top box.  From the form factor, the remote, the speed at which this device moved back and forth between different apps, and the fact that I can use a keypad on my phone in the remote app to type in things I'm searching for, the Roku 4 hits all the right buttons, making this the best streaming device available on the market today in my opinion.  

For better or worse, you don't have to listen to me ramble on about it here, you can listen to me do that on video in my review here.  

As a side note before we get into the review and the video, I have to admit up front that I tried, and successfully, had fun with the intro.  I bring a glimpse of my weekend morning routine into focus with the into of this video.  If you enjoyed it, please let me know on Twitter.  

Without further a due, my review of the Roku 4