Welcome - Get to know who the heck I am

Hello!!!!! Welcome to the blog, and the website.  Tim Ferriss said in his recent podcast (Episode 49) that "long form" content is still alive, is still viable, and still a great way to find your 1000 true fans.  Well, here is that attempt to see if what he says actually holds true.

First things first, my name is Kyle and I am a Geekin Dad.  I've geeked out since I was a kid, with my earliest memories going back to Wolfenstein 3d and Doom II LAN with my Dad.  Decent was one of the best games to play at the time, and Duke Nukem was a shooter's paradise.  ISDN wasn't even thought of, as 56k was the golden standard for getting online.  *takes off rose colored glasses* Needless to say, I've been around for a little while, though not as long as others.  

I was a geek until Jr High, jock all through high school, and then found my geeky core again as I went off to college, and have stayed true to that self ever since.  I've played far too many games, built a few computers, played on console and PC alike (#pcmaterrace) and enjoyed all the experiences they have brought.

You might be wondering why this website exists, I might be able to answer that, might.  I think the goal is to share my personal experiences as a dad of a little girl (as of the writing), a full time IT guy, and a guy trying to build a personal brand outside of work so that one day I might have options and be able to help others achieve their own personal aspirations.  

I like to game, build machines, watch other people play games on Twitch, play with my daughter and hang out with my wife.  My family is my life, and my work is my day-to-day, and this little project is what I am having fun with. 

Take a ride with a guy trying to build something larger than himself, and with that, let me be the first to say to you...


Geek out.

- Kyle