Weigh in Wednesday

Alright, so some of you may have noticed me tagging #slowcarb and #4hourbody in my Instagram feed when I show all the food I am eating.  That's because I am doing the "Slow Carb Diet" that Tim Ferriss writes about in his book The Four Hour Body.  It's pretty simple to follow, and can be boring, but it's been pretty effective for me so far.

Now, that being said, here I am keeping accountable and showing my progress and I will be doing so weekly.  You will get to see my ups and downs with my food and progress, and a feel for how easy and effective this might be for you if you find yourself in the same situation as me.

Some food highlights from the week...

Dinner is shrimp with tomatoes and mixed veggies. #slowcarb #4hourbody

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Back on track #slowcarb #4hourbody

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Eggs, black beans, bacon, fajita meat, spinach. #4hourbody #slowcarb #geekinunfat

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So, as you can see the food can be either boring, or pretty damn tasty, depending on how much effort get's put into it.  Now, to be honest, I started on my binge day a night early, and carried it over through Saturday into Sunday.  I think that if I had been more strict like I was the first week, I would be under 300 now, but that's okay.  After the weekend, I hopped on the scale to cheat on my checking in and was back up to 305.4, but as Tim says in the book, expect that kind of swing after the binge day.  So, seeing 300.6 was an awesome feeling.  AND, knowing that next week I will be under 300, for the first time in a long time, I might add, is a great feeling too.  I started this whole thing at about 304.8, so I'm making some nice progress, all be it slow and stead.  Oh, and here's this photo proof...

Progress. #4hourbody #slowcarb #geekinunfat #weighinwednesdays

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#weighinwednesdays #geekinunfat #slowcarb #4hourbody

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So, there it is.  The first Weigh in Wednesday.  Thanks for following along this change in eating style.  Also, if you want to pick up the book and read more about what Tim Ferriss has to say you can get it from Amazon here...

Thanks again and until next time, Geek Out!

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