E3 and it's influence on where I'll spend my money on gaming this year

So E3 was last week, and after several attempts of getting every single thought about it in once place, I quickly realized two things.  Today, we talk about both of those.

The first thing that I realized is that I won’t play 98% of the games announced.  As much as I would love to think I play all the games in the world, I still have a Steam games library that’s barely been scratched, and my most anticipated game of the first half of the year, Witcher 3, I have a meager 3 hours or so in.  I don’t have the time to play these games.  I want to, trust me I do, but I just don’t.  Between the day-time job, being a dad, being a husband, being involved in things in my community, and trying to build this whole Geekin Dad thing, the time I have to play games is limited, and often times it’s not a continuous series of hours, but rather spurts of 30 minutes here and there.  Thus, I stick with a game like Smite, where the casual game modes have short queues, and matches that rarely go beyond 20 minutes, much less 30.

The second thing I realized is that I don’t have the money to buy all of the games and all of the games consoles in the world, either.  I’ve got bills, debt, and things I would like to save for outside of just games and things relating to gaming.  I spend maybe $200 annually on games, and when I spend the money, I make sure it gets stretched by buying at discount during the Steam or GOG sales, or when Smite has Gem sales I buy then.  I don’t buy at full retail, it just doesn’t make sense for me to anymore.  I can wait for a game to have been around 6 months or a year and then get a deal on it because, well, point one, I just don’t have the time.

But, all this being said, there were a few things that did stand out to me, and a few things that I might actually consider spending money on over the next 6-12 months.  The first thing is that, of the two consoles, Microsoft did a better job at selling me their console this year than Sony did.  Part of that might be because of when I came into the console gaming market, during the Xbox, and not during the Playstation, N64 or Dreamcast days.  Games were different before the Xbox, and I think the kinds of games and publishers that pushed to the Xbox were, for lack of a better way of putting it, more “western” than the other consoles were and have been.  That isn’t meant to take away from games like Final Fantasy, which is getting both a remake and a mmo-looking game, but those kinds of games have a different art aesthetic than I personally like, so I don’t play them.  People who I trust when it comes to games reviews and media say a lot of good things about them, but they just aren’t for me.  But like I said, Microsoft did a better job at selling me their console than Sony did, to a point where I might actually consider it this holiday season.  If you read into that last statement a little, you might conclude that I don’t have a current gen console, and you would be correct.  I am a PC gamer first and foremost, after all, and Consoles are always a nice added bonus for me, but nothing more.  The other takeaway from E3 this year, for me, was that PC gaming has come into its own.  Both Sony and Microsoft press conferences couldn’t stay away from PC gaming, and PC gaming even got their own press show, although it was longer than it needed to be.  But yes, PC gaming, for the first time since I’ve paid attention to E3, got their own highlighting during all of the events.  This is a good thing for me, and a good thing for PC gaming as a whole, and I honestly think we might be coming into a era of PC gaming that will be glorious for the #pcmasterrace.  There were a handful of games that might earn my money this year; Fallout 4, Starwars:  Battlefront, and DOOM.  For some reason, those are the games that have stood out in my mind since the event, and those are the games that might get my money this year. 

Overall, I think E3 went pretty well for all who presented, and this year it looks like Microsoft has the upper hand when it comes to gaming, but between all of the fan favorites finally coming to the Sony side and Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive titles, I think the average consumer came out pretty good. 

So, those are my thoughts on E3 this year, and it’s an event I would like to attend one day.  I think it’s one that I would make a couple of generic videos on, and next year I might have to do that after having watched all of the press conferences anyways.  What games are you looking forward to most?  What press conference left you feeling like there should have been more than what they had?  Have you been to E3 and what did you think about your time there?  Leave me comments down below and let me know.

Thanks for reading, have a great week, and until next time, Geek Out.