Date Night

So this weekend happens to be my wife's birthday weekend.  Now, we've decided to go to Austin for the weekend to see family and pig out on some amazing food, as Austin has a pretty good food scene.  Since we were going to be out of town, my sister wanted to do something with my wife Thursday night, so of course when I got the text that she wanted to leave Peach with me, I jumped on it and said yes.

Date night with my daughter was started.  It's a simple concept, really; dating your wife or your daughter is always worth the effort.  There are things that happen in your relationship when you take an evening or a day and take them on dates.  I know that my wife feels full of love when I take her out, and well, while Peach may only be 14 months, it will show her how a man should treat her, and will shape her expectations of men for the rest of her life.  But let me just say that after going to Chic-fil-a with her, and going over to hang out with my parents and nephew while the two moms were out and having a good time, there area few things that I realized.

The first thing is that relationships take effort.  It would have been very easy to site at home, heat up some leftovers, and feed her while she plays.  Instead we went out, had dinner together, and then saw family.  Being so close to family, you would think we hang out all the time, but with all of us living our lives, it's not always as easy as it may sound.  Even a date night with my wife takes effort, since to do it we have to find someone to watch Peach for us.  At the end of the day, the relationships that are important to us take the most effort, and deserve it as well.  Date night with Peach is something that is going to be monthly for us, and she will grow up knowing that one night or day a month, she and I will go hang out, break bread together as just the two of us, and connect.  

The second thing that I realized is that, with all the effort it takes to make something like this happen, it's not that hard.  Effort does not always equal difficult.  It takes effort to dig a ditch, but that doesn't mean it's a hard thing to do.  After a long day at work, I know most of you want to just go home and veg out on the couch with your favorite show or playing your favorite game, but put that effort in, because once you do, you realize it's not that hard.  

Finally, the last thing I realized is that no matter what, the people I love deserve my undivided attention when I am out with them.  It's so easy to go out to dinner, Instagram your food, check email, Twitter and Facebook while eating, and barely have a conversation.  Even easier when you have a 14-month old who can't really have a conversation with you to begin with.  Put the phone down.  Put it away.  Leave it in the car if you have to.  If you have to take a picture of your meal, hurry the hell up and then put your phone away.  Date night with your spouse our child doesn't do a lick of good if one or both of you are on your phones, not having meaningful conversation.  It might be awkward at first, since so many people live and breathe their phones, but trust me.  Put it away.  That text messages can wait.  If it's an emergency they will have called 911 and you will have messages telling you where to go.  Facebook, Twitter and all the other social media will be waiting for you when you get home later that night.

Now that I've had my first date night with my daughter, I can't wait for the next one.  It's going to be so amazing to watch her grow, and really get to know her along the way.  The man I want to become for my wife and daughter will not be possible unless I do these things.  The man I want my daughter to marry won't be possible without her having high expectations.  The husband I want my wife to have won't be possible without the emotional invest that comes from the date nights as well.  So, with Father's day coming later this month, I urge all you Dad's out there to take your daughter on a date.  Do it.  See her eyes light up.  See your wife's love deepen when you get home as she see's how much fun the two of you had.  Put the effort in, it's not that hard, and leave the phone alone.

Do you have any great date night ideas for daddy-daughter date night?  If so, share them in the comments below, or hit me up on twitter with them @geekindad, I'd love to hear what you do if you already do this.  If, after reading this, you start doing this, let me know as well so we can share your story on the blog.

Thanks for reading, and until next time, Geek Out.