Musings on Amazon

Hey-o, how's it going?  Remember Amazon Prime Day?  Boy was that a let down.  Well, that started an itch, and it's time to scratch that itch.  Thankfully, in order to satisfy that itch, I had $50 gift cards to Amazon.  But, here's the thing about $50 and's just not enough.  When you get on Amazon you find way too much, over fill your shopping cart, and then have to go back and trim the fat from it to keep it under thousands of dollars.  $50 is measly compared to what we all want, but that's what I had to work with.  So, let the shopping cart selection begin.

First thing to make the cut...

Now that I am starting to play Rocket League more and more, which is a really fun game by the way, I want to get my Xbox 360 controller connected to my PC.  Well, the Charge and Play kit does nothing but charge the battery and doesn't have any data going to the controller.  A new controller that was USB was a few bucks more than the wireless adapter for the PC, and I don't need it to be wired specifically, so I figured this would work.  At $20, this was a big chunk of the budget I had, but went ahead and decided this was one of the few things that I actually wanted.  Not to mention games like "Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons" is a game that is said to be played by controller for the best experience, and if Total Biscuit said that, then I believe it.  Other FPS games play well enough on controller too, and there are a lot of games that are ports from console to PC that are better suited for controller play over keyboard and mouse.  So, that was the first pick up on this escapade.  

**Here is Total Biscuit's impressions of "Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons", and if he gushes over it, then it's definitely worth it in my opinion**

Second item that made the cut, a simple USB3 SD card reader.

For about $10, this was a simple USB 3 Card reader, and not having one has made the few videos I've edited a little more challenging than they could be.  Before, I would have to plug the adapter SD card into my laptop, copy the contents onto there, then copy from my laptop to either OneDrive or transfer it over the network to my actual desktop.  So, needless to say it adds extra steps that take time and make the editing process slower than it needs to be.  This simple device makes it faster, being plugged directly into my main rig, cutting out all the extra steps.

And finally, I went ahead and grabbed myself a book.  I bet you didn't know I could read, did you?  Well, I can, although I don't do it often enough, but it's time for a new book.  Enter "Ready Player One" by Ernest Cline.

Written in 2012, this book hit my personal radar when Loot Crate put this book in their crate for the month of February.  My Twitter feed was instantly filled with people raving and gushing over the book.  When I looked at my shopping cart, I knew I wanted a book, and while I have plenty of non-fiction to read, I thought it was time for some fiction.  I haven't read a fiction book in years, and that's not a good thing.  Reading has always been something to expand my mind, and fiction does that even better on the side of the imagination.  So, being late to the bandwagon, and seeing someone post something about "Armada", Ernest Cline's recent book, I thought I would pick it up and read it, and also use this as a great way to work on my reading speed too.  As of this writing, I've had the book for a day and got though 0000 in a sitting on my throne, and it looks like it's going to be a great read.  I'll do a short review of it once I've finished.  I can tell you one thing though, I love that he does all of the markings for expanded points throughout the introduction chapter, and I think that has helped set the tone for the book in my mind already.

So, what has been your last few purchases on Amazon lately?  What was it that you had to have or how much money did you have burning a hole in your wallet last time you were shopping online?  Let me on over on Twitter, I'm @geekindad. And, now that my current itch for getting something new off of Amazon has been itched, I'll sign off for the night.  


Kyle Johnston