The Top Tech YouTube Channels I Follow

Alright, so if you haven't noticed already, I am a bit of a tech guy.  I like computer hardware and the technology behind it all and that's what I would spend all my money on, if I could.  That being said, I think it's also somewhat obvious that I like YouTube as a content medium too.  Well, what better way to get my tech addiction satisfied than through YouTube?  So, today I figured I would share with you my top Tech channels and why I like them.

First on this list is going to be Tek Syndicate.  Tek Syndicate is a little out there in terms of the conspiracy theories sometimes, they go against the grain, and they tell you how it is and what they think without regard for your feelings.  And I like that about them.  Logan, one of the main faces of Tek Syndicate, has been around the world of YouTube tech channels for a while now, and that shows as they just recently passed 500k subscribers.  Wendell, who finally has shown his face, is the nerd of the group, getting deep into the technologies, doing a great job of explaining them so that most people can understand, and is the other face of Tek Syndicate.  Now, there are still more faces behind the scenes that are not seen all that often, Pistol, Qain and now Jennifer, but Logan and Wendell are the faces of the channel and of the website.  Oh, they have a website too, and a pretty good forum as well.  The members are active, mostly helpful, slightly trollish, and all around an informative or entertaining place to hang out, depending on your point of view.  Together, the two of them have a weekly show, aptly named The Tek, where they discuss what's going on this week in the world of technology.  Hardware, gaming, policy, science fiction, all of it get's talked about in the back and forth format between the two of them.  This is definitely the most fringe of channels I follow.  

Second on the list is going to be JayzTwoCents.  Now JayzTwoCents is one of my newer subscriptions, but he comes from the same cloth that I'm cut from, at least that's how he makes me feel when watching his videos.  As a former IT guy who started the channel as a hobby and as a dare, 2 years in he has become one of the faster growing tech channels when it comes to high end hardware and has quickly become the go-to YouTuber, for many, in regards to water cooling and custom water cooling loops.  When watching his videos you realize early on that he knows what he thinks based on the performance of whatever he is testing, and he stands by those opinions 100%.  You can disagree with him, and that's okay to him because he doesn't mind that, and will openly disagree with you.  It might come off as abrasive to start with, but after getting a few videos in, you realize it's just who he is and he doesn't mean anything by it at all.  Toss in the fact that the guy has turned into a fat burning machine and bring #GoTeamJay along for the ride and inspired many others to do the same, this guy is one of the newest to the scene but has quickly, and rightly, placed himself as an authority figure in the scene.  

Next on this list is LinusTechTips.  Now LTT started way back in the day, and has grown to a multi-person company that is building out their own office space because they have outgrown the house they are using as an office now.  With videos daily on anything computer hardware related you can imagine and a weekly show, LinusTechTips has become a stand by channel for me.  Informative, scripted, and to the point, the content is always well produced and you know that on launch day, LTT is going to be putting a video out for review.

No good list wouldn't be complete without the one artsy guy, right?  Well, this list is now complete as Hardware Canuks is on my Top YouTuber's list.  Dmitry brings the accent, the camera work, and the sex appeal to technology.  While Hardware Canuks has been around for a while, they started as primarily a case review site, and as time has worn on, they have grown to be one of the most polished video channels in the space, with camera work and editing skills that just about everyone in the tech space envies.  Add in the honesty and the accent, and he has built himself a recipe for success that I think will continue to grow his channel.  

Finally, to round out this list, I want to bring the technical journalist's of PCPer.  Over at PCPerspective, you get the traditional journalism feel that comes from a review website, and that carries over into their YouTube channel as well.  The testing is always thorough, the reviews are based on their testing and carry weight in the industry.  With Ryan Shroutt at the helm, this channel brings content when it's relevant and deserves camera time, and for the rest of the stuff that doesn't, they have their podcast for you to catch up on the rest.  Technical and clean, but no good list would be complete without a site and channel like this.

So, that's about it for my top channels, but before I go, here are some honorable mentions for when I want extra perspective, or have extra time.  Jerry over at Barneclues Nerdgasm, Timmy of TimmyTechTV, Kyle from AwesomesauceNetwork and Paul from Paul's Hardware.   Jerry does a weekly show, Tech Talk, with JayzTwoCents, TimmyTechTV was someone I found through either Jerry or Jay, and when he does put content out there it's down to earth stuff, and Kyle and Paul do a show together as well, Awesome Hardware.  They both also happened to work at NewEgg together as well, which explains why they work so well together on their shows and their takes on tech and a YouTube channel carry over from their days and different perspectives from NewEgg.  

So, there you have it.  I know there are other channels out there, and I know that there are other channels that are larger than what I've listed, but for me, the best time spent and ad-block disabled for a website, are those I've listed above.  

Who do you watch?  What makes them great?  Let me know in the comments below or find me on Twitter @geekindad.  Also, if you liked this and want to see more content like this, sign up for the email list below so you know when the next post goes live.

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