Super Bowl 50 and...Movies?

Sunday was both glorious and saddening, with the Denver Broncos beating the Carolina Panthers 24-10, earning Peyton Mannning a second ring in his fourth appearance, and potentially the best way to end a career.  The game was great, full of defensive dominance and some streaks of offensive brilliance, ultimately giving the Broncos the edge and the victory over the Panthers.  But, as most know, the Super Bowl is not only about the game itself, but the half time show and, more importantly, the commercials.  While there were certainly some that made me laugh, and others that made me scratch my head, today I'm more interested in the spots for Movies.  There were 10.  I don't know how that compares to years in the past, but it felt like a lot to me, enough for me to notice, at least.  So, this morning I spent some time digging around, finding all the Super Bowl Movie spots I could.  If I missed any, please let me know so I can add them.  Take a look, enjoy having them all in one place, and let me know which was your favorite.  Enjoy.

I'm personally really excited for this movie, as growing up this was my absolute favorite Disney movie, that is until Toy Story came along and took that title.

While this isn't a movie that would make my top 5 list for 2016, I still think I'll see this in theaters, as I felt like I would have been happy to give the first one my box office ticket after watching it on Netflix.  Although, the fact that it went to Netflix streaming as fast as it did should say something about how good it was.  Either way, a new spot with more story, and more midriff, was good to see but didn't do a ton much more for me.

After getting a teaser and tone setting trailer to start with, I'm slowly thinking this might be worth seeing in the theater, but I'll admit, usually these are the kinds of movies I watch on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon when there isn't anything else on and I've seen all the other movies that are available to stream.

Can't.  Wait.  And I wonder who dies and if Spidey keeps to the comics.

Not as excited for this as I am the other Marvel movies this year, it still looks good and like Fox is doing a good job with it.

Valentine's Date?  Yes Please.  Rated-R Super Hero?  Can I get more?  Needless to say, I can't wait to watch this, to kick off 2016's massive list of comic book movies.

Will Smith isn't in the movie so I don't know how much I'll like it, I feel like he captured a magic in the first Independence Day that will be hard to recreate in this one. 

This isn't a trailer, but the marketing behind it was cool, and I think they did a good job between this spot for Gotham...

...and this spot for Metropolis and showing the different moods and tones of not only the two cities, but the two characters.  Superman v Batman looks like it's going to be a really good movie.  And, while it's not Deadpool clever marketing, I like what they did with this.

This came out of left field for me, as I did not expect there to be another Matt Damon Bourne movie, at all.  That being said, I've loved all of the other ones, even if they're a bit overplayed at this point.  And Matt Damon is doing great stuff right now so add this to the list of another movie I want to see.

So, there you have it, all of the movie spots from the Super Bowl I could find.  Hopefully you enjoyed the list I was able to toss together.  Thanks for taking a look if you got this far, and let me know on Twitter what you think and what movie, of those shown above, you're looking forward to the most.

And, until next time, Geek Out.

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