A Restart, if you will

Almost a year ago I introduced this website, attempt at a blog, and myself as The Geekin Dad to the Internet.  A little over two years ago my daughter was born, which put the seed of the idea into my head.  Well, last week my daughter turned two, and as things have been slowly coming together to, in their own way, fall apart, I knew it was time to start over, hit refresh, and make some changes.

Let me first say that this has been fun.  It's been interesting and challenging.  Writing has proven to be both enjoyable and painful, rewarding and pointless.  The idea of a blog is that someone out there cares about what you have to say because it's meaningful to them.  Turns out, I don't think that the few pieces I've written have been meaningful.  Take that back, last year when I wrote about taking my daughter on a date, that felt meaningful to me.  But for the rest of it, it's all just been random, wishy-washy, and not worth much.  So, realizing the mistakes that have been made, the debt that's been re-accrued, the weight that's been gained, and the overall lazy state I've been at for the last 6 months, it's been time for a change.  Before my daughter was born I told myself I would be healthy for her birth, because I didn't want to be fat and unable to keep up with her.  Her birth came and I was as big as I had ever been.  I've been sitting around 315 pounds, +\- 5 pounds, ever since then.  I've been lazy with money, not paying attention and not being intentional.  I've been lazy with life and work as a whole.  Did you know that, for a while last year, we tried to move to Austin?  Sold our house, I started job hunting and everything.  Then we found out we were expecting baby #2.  Knowing that you're going to bring a child into this world puts a whole lot of perspective on life, and bringing in another just magnifies that.  It makes you realize that your goals are not all that matters, but that taking care of your family, providing stability for them, and a way of living that's acceptable is.  It would have been great if at that point I realized that I needed to be better, more disciplined with money, more disciplined with my eating habits and body, my time and everything else in life.  It didn't.  I was ignoring it all.

We've since found an apartment, in a slightly different part of town.  We're all settled in, you can even see parts of my new office/studio in my recent videos.  But still, it didn't click for me.  It didn't click until we were planning my daughters second birthday and my car broke down that I had gotten us into a hole.  That hole is something that's going to take time to dig out of.  It's a hole financially, physically, relational, and in every other way you can think of.  

Last year, Tim Ferriss released a podcast episode called "The Scariest Navy  SEAL Imaginable...And What He Taught Me."  It was in my car, on that day, Sept 25, 2015, that I was introduced to Jocko Willink.  Co-Author of the book "Extreme Ownership:  How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win," Tim's interview was, and still is, the most impact-full and profound interview he's done on his podcast.  Jocko had a way with words that was surprising.  Humility, reverence, honesty, impact.  Discipline = Freedom.  Jocko stuck with me, and after listing to the book, and his recent launch of the Jocko Podcast, I get my weekly dose.  Discipline = Freedom.  Discipline = Freedom.  Good.  It's been a slow turn around, with influences from guys like Jocko and Tim, sites like Nerd Fitness and Fizzle, all helping me in their own ways.  All putting the pieces of the puzzle together.  And so, here I am today, presenting it to you.

I've hit restart.  You'll notice the simple look to the website, bringing all the content forward, as inspired by SuperHeroNews.com.  I've started walking, as close to daily as possible, for an hour.  I'm back here, writing.  I've been working on being back at the YouTube Channel, recording, editing, posting.  The funny thing is I still am finding my way, my purpose.  I don't know what it is that matters most to you but I want to know what that is.  I don't know where this will go, what form it will take, or any other variable.  I'm still learning, I'm still growing, and I'm still wanting to become a better Man, Father, Husband, Friend, Author, Cinematographer, Editor, YouTuber.  Today  I weighted in at 312.4 pounds.  I've walked a total of almost 3 hours this week, which is about 7-8 miles, I'm not sure the exact number, and I'm back to writing.  I'm working on script and story board for a new video and working on my review of Marvel's Secret Wars, the series of events that lead into the recent Marvel refresh.  I'm beyond excited about Captain America: Civil War, can't wait for Batman v Superman:  Dawn of Justice.  I'll get through Daredevil Season 2, although I don't enjoy it as much as I did Jessica Jones.  I'm interested to see what happens with this next Civil War Marvel is in the process of leading up to in the comics.  I've got projects in the works for building out my home network, including building a NAS and a backup system, and even using my Raspberry Pi 2 and turning it into a semi-interactive family calendar.  I've got Lego Millennium Falcon to build, and a whole lot more.  I've been planning, preparing, and thinking through it all.  And I'm ready to get to work.  I won't be perfect, I probably won't always be amazing, but I'll always be putting my best foot forward.  I'll be working towards building something worth earning your support and trust.  

So, with all that long winded-ness out of the way, welcome to my refresh, and until next time, Geek On.